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   What is ALGOL? Are you having ALGOL university homework? Does ALGOL college work seem difficult, well, contact ALGOL assignment solvers for ALGOL college solutions? According to Programming Homework Tutors ALGOL homework tutors, ALGOL is defined as an acronym that stands for Algorithmic language. It is a computer language that was primarily designed to facilitate calculations. ALGOL was developed during the late 1950’s by an international committee where it was meant to serve as a universal computing tool. Despite this effort; ALGOL was unable to attain the success of its counterparts which were COBOL and FORTRAN. Important to note is that ALGOL programming is not commonly used and mainly serves as a tool that lead to other powerful programming languages which had ALGOL features incorporated in it.

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ALGOL assignment experts have compiled some of the key features in this programming language as shown below:

  • BNF notation – Backus-Naur form is an official way of a computer language syntax description of a computer. It can also be regarded as a short-hand for computer languages.
  • Statement Blocks-This serves as a syntactic way of grouping a number of programming statements together, for example, this can be likened by the process of putting related items in one box and treating the box as a single unit.
  • Parameter passing – There are two main methods which can be used to pass information to and from a subprogram, this are pass by reference and pass by value. This process can be likened as a way of protecting information which enters a subprogram from modification. It works by one sending a copy while another one will send the actual data.
  • Reserved words -- These are words that are pre-defined, these words have special meaning to computer languages. For easy understanding, ALGOL assignment experts recommend that it can be likened to an individual’s name, it represents and individuals and the things one can accomplish.
  • Dynamic arrays – Dynamic arrays are considered to be a list of values where the list sizes can be determined at run-time. According to ALGOL programming experts, this process can be likened to arrays that will adjust based on the need.

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   ALGOL homework solvers not only assist students in ALGOL assignment problems, they also assist students with ALGOL coursework. This is whereby students undertaking AGLOL programming will be assisted when covering different topics of ALGOL university coursework. Highlighted below are some of the common language types of ALGOL programming.

  • Real - These are values which represent fractional parts; they can be numbers such as 3.14.
  • Int - Represents values with no fraction parts, it can be a number such as 3
  • Compl - These are values having real numbers and an imaginary number
  • Bool - These are values which are either true or false
  • Char - These values contain single letters, numbers and symbols which are interpreted as texts
  • Bits - This value are packed with no space e.g. 100011101.
  • Bytes - It gives a representation of a list of char packed with no space such as Hello.

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