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ALGOL is a high – level computer programming language designed for mathematical and scientific purposes, also for employing algebraic symbols, used internationally for scientific computations. Originally it was developed in the mid-1950s, which greatly influenced many other languages and was the standard method for algorithm description used by the ACM in textbooks and academic sources for more than thirty years. ALGOL was the first language to combine seamlessly imperative effects with the lambda calculus. ALGOL was also the first language implementing nested function definitions with lexical scope. Moreover, it was the first programming language which gave detailed attention to formal language definition. ALGOL is an Algebraic Language that was developed as an international language for the expression of algorithms between people and between people and machines. ALGOL-60 developed in 1960 was simple and most widely used in Europe. ALGOL-68 developed in 1968 was more complicated and scarcely used, but was the inspiration for Pascal.

It was designed to avoid some of the perceived problems with FORTRAN and eventually gave rise to many other programming languages, including BCPL, B, Pascal, PL/I, Simula, and C. ALGOL introduced code blocks and the begin…end pairs for delimiting them. ALGOL 60 allowed for two evaluation strategies for parameter passing: the call-by-value, it is impossible in ALGOL 60 to develop a procedure that will swap the values of two parameters if the actual parameters that are passed in are an integer variable and an array that is indexed by that same integer variable call-by-name. Call-by-name had certain limitation in contrast to call-by-reference, making it an undesirable feature in imperative language design. Our experts will help you in solving ALGOL assignment in best possible way and we can assure you to deliver highest quality solution. Our experts/tutors are highly qualified and well experienced. They have been helping the students from past many years in ALGOL programming

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