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An Assembler is a program that translates programs from assembly language to machine language, code and instructions that can be executed by a computer. An Assembler enables software and application developers to access, operate and manage a computer's hardware architecture and components easily. An Assembler came first and it is very simple as compared to compilers. Assemblers are used mostly for high-level languages. Assembler is basically a one to one mapping machine code. It is also referred to as the compiler of assembly language. Many a times it provides the services of an interpreter.

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The output from the Assembler includes the object module listings: Cross-reference listings, Diagnostics, Object code and Source module. Assembler programs may process data in all the common formats. Data is defined with a DS - Data Storage/DC- Data Constant command. Symbols may be used instead of addresses. If this is done, the Assembler will convert the implicit addresses of the symbol into explicit addresses required by the machine instructions.

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