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C# is pronounced as see sharp, and was created by Microsoft, is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language for networking and Web development.  C# is specified as a common language infrastructure language. C# is used with XML-based Web services on the .NET platform. It is based on C++ with elements from Visual Basic and Java. It’s a hybrid of C and C++ therefore is most modern as well simple programming language based on object- oriented and follows language of high-level. C# is mainly designed for improving productivity in the development of Web applications. C# boasts type-safety, garbage collection, simplified type declarations, versioning and scalability support, and other features that make developing solutions faster and easier, especially for COM+ and Web services. C# is a part of .net Framework, thus it’s a structured language which produces many efficient programs when compiled with the computer platforms.

Following are the Open Source Development Tools / Frameworks for C#:

ADO.NET, Advanced code editor, Allocation Profiler, AspDB, BLinQ, C# to VB.NET converter, CLR Spy for COM Interop, Combined VB.NET to C# and C# to VB.NET converter, Convenient user interface designers, Developer Express CodeRush, Elmah (Error Logging Modules and Handlers), Entity Framework, Habanero.NET, iBATIS, Integrated debugger, Jetbrains .NET Profiler, Jetbrains ReSharper, Linq to SQL , Microsoft FxCop, MyBatis, NDoc, NHibernate, .NET Reflector - a Decompiler for .NET, .netTiers (via CodeSmith), Notepad ++, NUnit, Sandcastle, SourceGear Vault, SSW Code Auditor, Test Driven .NET, UltraEdit, VB.NET to C# converter.

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  • Events and Using Windows and Controls