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FORTRAN was developed by John Backus at IBM in the 1950s is a general-purpose, imperative high- level programming language that is especially suited to computation and scientific computing. FORTRAN is a third-generation programming language that was designed for use by engineers, mathematicians, and creators of scientific algorithms.  It is derived from Formula Translating System. It is worlds fastest and the most popular language for high- performance computing. It is one of the oldest programming languages and is still widely used and it has evolved over time.

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Fortran has been in continuous use as numerical weather prediction, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, computational chemistry, scientific and engineering applications, program benchmarking and ranking the world's fastest supercomputers. It also supports object-oriented features like type extension and inheritance, polymorphism and dynamic type allocation. Over the years, a vast collection of code has been written with FORTRAN in many scientific and engineering machines, allowing the language to persist.  FORTRAN encompasses a lineage of versions such as:

  • FORTRAN 77
  • Array, modular, generic programming - Fortran 90
  • High performance Fortran - Fortran 95
  • Object-oriented programming -Fortran 2003
  • Concurrent programming- Fortran 2008

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Following are the Compilers used by FORTRAN:

  • Absoft Pro Fortran
  • FTN95
  • G95
  • GNU Fortran
  • Intel Fortran Compiler
  • Lahey Fortran
  • MCP Compiler
  • NAG Fortran Compiler
  • Open Watcom
  • Open64
  • Oracle Solaris Studio
  • PathScale Compiler Suite
  • VS Fortran
  • XL Fortran

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