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There are so many programming languages in the programming world. Despite the existence of multiple programming languages, it is important to note that different programming languages serve different purposes.  Among some of the common programming languages that scholars might encounter is FORTRAN. FORTRAN programming homework help has highlighted some facts pertaining to this programming language, this information may be relevant to students who are beginners to FORTRAN programming or to those students who may need FORTRAN programming homework assistance.

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FORTRAN programming language is derived from formula translating system; it is regarded as a general purpose programming language which is used to perform both scientific and numeric computing. This programming language was first developed in the 1950s by IBM to cater for engineering and scientific application. The popularity of FORTRAN programming language in the field of numeric and scientific calculation was due to a number of key abilities supported by this language. Highlighted below by FORTRAN programming homework expert are some of the key competencies associated with FORTRAN programming language.

  • Fortran offered support to scientific and numerical analysis computation
  • It supported Array programming
  • Support structured programming
  • Supported modular programming
  • Offered support from generic programming
  • Facilitates high performance computing when dealing with supercomputers
  • It supported object oriented programming
  • Supports concurrent programming
  • It facilitated a reasonable degree of portability between different computer systems

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Online FORTRAN assignment solvers and experts have compiled some facts that may prove resourceful to students dealing with FORTRAN programming homework.

  • FORTRAN was developed IN 1957 by Backus and his team at IBM in 1957.
  • Initially, it was mandatory for the name FORTRAN to be written entirely in capital letters, however, this has changed and the only requirement is for the first letter to be written in capital letters.
  • The term Fortran stands for FORmula TRANslator
  • The most common used version of FORTRAN is Fortran 77, Fortran 90 and Fortran 95.

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