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HTML was first developed by Berners LEE in the late 1991, ever since the first version which was published in 1995; there have been other version of HTML that has progressively been released among the latest version being the HTML 5. HTML language is designed to be used by web developers and web designers. It is a programming language that is compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Linux operating system or windows. HTML language is a language that will be pursued by students who would like to be web developers or those that will work with web related technologies. Therefore, there is a need for these students to be conversant with HTML concepts. However, there have been instances where students have found that HTML language to be difficult or they may lack to grasp the key concepts that are essential for one to be an expert at HTML.

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The term HTML simply stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is the most used language for web development. Hypertext refers to the manner in which web pages are linked together. Therefore, a link on a webpage is referred to as hypertext. Also, as noted by HTML assignment assistance team HTML is just a Markup language; this has the implication that HTML is used by users to tell the web browser how to display a text document with tags. Also, among the common aspect that student will have to grasp when dealing with HTML is the basis HTML structure. Below is a sample structure explained by HTML homework tutors?

<! Doctype> - It gives a definition of the type of document and the version of HTML used.
<HTML> -This tag works by enclosing a complete HTML document, it has other tags embedded within it
<HEAD>- This tag gives a representation of the header of a document, it also has other tags within it such as <title>
<TITLE>it is a tag responsible for mentioning a documents title
<BODY> gives a representation of a documents body and has other HTML tags within it such as, H1, p.
<H1>- represents heading
<p> Represents paragraph