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Java Beans is an object oriented, portable, platform - independent programming interface from Sun Microsystems. Java Beans is a Serializable java class and a reusable software component. The Java Bean properties include simple property, Boolean property, indexed property, multicast event, unicast event and methods; also color, label, font and size of font. Java Bean software component is controlled by using builder tool. The builder tool is a platform that allows a developer to work with JavaBeans and help to make applets, applications or servlets.  Introspection, a tool is used to expose the features of Java Bean for manipulation.

Java Beans can create and receive java events.  It allows designers to create reusable components once and run all of them anywhere. Java Bean is simple and easy to understand, it is persistent, it has the ability to save, store and restore their state. Java Bean operations are performed by using bean development kit.

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