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Maple is software which is used for performing computations & plotting graphs. In other words, it is an interactive problem-solving environment along with procedures to perform numeric, symbolic & graphical computations. In 1989, the first graphical user interface for Maple was developed and included with version 4.3 for the Macintosh. X11 and Windows versions of the new interface followed in 1990 with Maple V. In 1994 a special issue of a newsletter created by Maple developers called MapleTech' was published. It was then that the numerical libraries were introduced in MAPLE and that is how most of the mathematical work can be done very comprehensively using Maple. It also allows rotation of the 3-Dimensional graphs. Maple also allows creation of custom user interfaces. MAPLE is a dynamically typed imperative-style programming language, which is similar to Pascal. Some interfaces to other languages, such as C, C#, Java, MATLAB, etc, are included in this software. An interface with Excel is also provided.

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