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Scala fuses object-oriented and functional programming in a statistically typed programming language. It is aimed at the construction of components and component system. Scala source code is intended to be compiled to Java byte code, so that the resulting executable code runs on a Java virtual machine. Java libraries may be used directly in Scala code and vice versa (language interoperability). Like Java, Scala is object-oriented, and uses curly-brace syntax reminiscent of the C programming language. Unlike Java, Scala has many features of functional programming languages like Scheme, Standard ML and Haskell, including currying, type inference, immutability, lazy evaluation, and pattern matching. It also has an advanced type system supporting algebraic data types, covariance and contravariance, higher-order types (but not higher-rank types), and anonymous types. Other features of Scala not present in Java include operator overloading, optional parameters, named parameters, raw strings, and no checked exceptions.

Scala runs on the Java platform (Java Virtual Machine) and is compatible with existing Java programs. As Android applications are typically supplied as Java bytecode to be translated upon installation, this makes Scala well suited to Android development. Scala also can compile to JavaScript, making it possible to write Scala programs that can run in the browser. The Scala software distribution, including compiler and libraries, is released under a BSD license.

Some syntactic differences in this code are:

  • Scala does not require semicolons to end statements.
  • Value types are capitalized: Int, Double, Boolean instead of int, double, boolean.
  • Parameter and return types follow, as in Pascal, rather than precede as in C.
  • Methods must be preceded by def.
  • Local or class variables must be preceded by val (indicates an immutable variable) or var (indicates a mutable variable).

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